April 30, 2017

May Pixel Scrapper Blog Train ... "Destinations"

I've lived in several different places across the country, from some of the largest cities to towns on the edge of nowhere.  And I have visited a lot of different places and countries.  Loved them all.  But, for my destination I have chosen where I now call "home" -- New Glarus Wisconsin.  The first time I visited this area looking for a new house several years ago, I fell in love with it.  So, let me give you a short tour before moving onto what you really came here for!

Swiss tradition is alive and well here, and the town has over 2 million visitors each year.  This very large church is the first building you see when you come over the last hill into town on the highway and the chimes that play at noon each day are beautiful.

We have organizations and businesses just like every other town, but in New Glarus, it all has a Swiss flair from architecture to bakery goods.  (Most towns have a bakery.  We have a Backerei with the most delicious "Orange Blossoms".

These Swiss Cows are kept by various businesses throughout town.  Each cow is painted to exemplify the goods inside -- restaurants, flower shops, parks, etc.  The cow by the clinic has a cast on his leg, stethoscope around his neck and band-aids.  In keeping with the theme of our Swiss Village, the brewing company built a Swiss Village brewery and has brought numerous job opportunities to the community.

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