August 31, 2021

September Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Last winter was horrible and I could hardly wait for summer.  Then summer hit hot and humid and stayed that way....until today.  Well, hello September!  We can finally walk outside without melting :)  And it's not just us.  My horses woke up happy and bursting with energy in this cooler, dry weather, too.

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Fan Freebie --

There are two clusters in this set -- one with a shadow and one without.  Enjoy!

Sorry...this download is no longer available.

The Boo Update --

Keep in mind that I brought Boo in from the horse stable when he was only 3 weeks old.  He wouldn't have made it otherwise.  Because he was nurtured by people instead of with other cats, Boo often tries to imitate people.  He sleeps on his back all stretched out, usually with his front paws stretched out above his head and he sits like this with his hind legs stretched out like a baby and his front legs on the floor supporting his upper body into a sitting position.  Needless to say, he keeps us entertained :)

See ya next month!