January 31, 2019

February Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Well...as I write this, we have survived the Polar Vortex that hit us this past week.  With the wind blowing yesterday, it was 40 below zero, but with the wind chill factor, it was 54 below zero.  I moved all of our horses into the barn Monday night getting ready for the "Big Freeze".  This was for me as much as it was for them.  Feeding them would be easier and faster for me, and I have one horse who gets meds twice a day for the next week and a half, so I surely didn't want to be outside in his corral to do this!  They sensed that something "bad" was coming and came in without much hesitation.  It was like Noah's Ark.  I think the barn cats liked the extra body heat, too!  If you've never been in this cold of weather, take an ice cube and squeeze it as hard as you can for as long as you can -- that's below zero weather.  Love my arctic gear!

The blog train this month is "Walk on the Wild Side".

February Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Freebie

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 My FAN FREEBIE this month was with Valentine's Day in mind.  These colors are on the color palette, so you should be able to use them with other kits you pick up for the blog train.  Enjoy!

February Fan Freebie

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Oh, I didn't forget about the "Boo Update"!  I just took this photo yesterday.  I can't believe how fast he has grown!  He's almost 8 lbs. now at 4 months old.  With that raccoon tail and white hair growing from his ears, he is a very unusual looking kitty.  He's made quite an impression on friends and family though.  The first thing they say after their initial greeting  is "where's Boo?".  

If the weather is a bit chilly where you live,  take heart -- we're one month closer to Spring!
Happy Scrapping!