April 30, 2024

May 2024 Blog Train and Fan Freebie

My happy place is in my stable, but also all of my gardens.  I get more thinking done, decisions made and problems solved when I'm digging in the dirt, even if all I'm digging out are weeds.  It has taken me years to figure it all out, but now there's always something blooming from spring thru fall.  When I pick out perennials, I pay as much attention to the leaves as I do the flower.  That way, when the blooms die off, you still have the wonderful leafy foliage to backdrop all the mid and late summer blooming plants.  Annuals in pots work pretty well too so that I can just move them to empty spots if need be.

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Fan Freebie --

I stopped vegetable gardening quite some time ago, more because of lack of time than anything else.  I do have a strawberry patch and a raspberry patch, however.  This year, I will also be planting a carrot crop for my horses.  With a carrot in my pocket, I can get them to do just about anything I want.  Granted, carrots aren't all that expensive, but fresh carrots out of the garden are like candy to them and are the perfect reward for a job well done. 

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The Boo Update --

First of all, Boo is now Dermatitis free and much happier because of it.  The Royal Canin cat food has made all the difference.  It just took a bit of time.  Why he's allergic to just about everything is beyond me.  I've never had to deal with something like this before, and I've had a LOT of cats in my lifetime.  Thank you Country View Vet.

As for the picture -- This is not an unusual position for Boo.  It's just kind of mind-boggling when you walk into a room and find him this way.  He's sort of sitting with both hind legs, tail and right front leg in front of him.  His left front leg is positioned back farther on his left side to give him balance while he's cleaning himself.  Kitty Yoga! I keep saying he's so unusual, and he is, but another term that comes to mind is "weird"!  I'm used to him though. so I just shake my head and keep on walking.

Boo will be back here next month and so will I.  See you then!!