February 28, 2023

March 2023 Blog Train and Fan Freebie

I was just going to head into my studio to get some work done and all of a sudden I realized that tomorrow is March 1 and I hadn't posted the new blog train yet!  Geez!!  I guess I'm not as proficient at multitasking as I used to be!  Lately, every time I think I'm getting ahead, I find myself running to catch up.  I definitely have too many irons in the fire at the moment, but it's mostly of my own doing.  I decided to take Spanish lessons AND piano lessons on top of everything else I'm doing.  I figured that if I don't do them now, when am I going to, right?

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Fan Freebie --

This month, I added more graffiti, frames, tags and a few charm buttons to enhance your layouts.  The colors this month were so much fun to work with.  Enjoy!

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The Boo Update --

Boo will take the sun wherever he can find it!  

Until next month . . .