June 30, 2023

July 2023 Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Although I used to live in Southern California, spent time on the beaches in South Carolina and Florida, it's a very rare day if I go more than ankle deep into the water.  But, I do love walking for miles on the beach with sand under my toes and the sun on my back.  Salt water just isn't my thing.  Truth be told, my favorite view is my horses in their pastures everyday and watching them run toward me when it's time to move into their corrals for the night for brush downs and treats.

By the way, last month I forgot to add the papers to the June Fan Freebie.  Oops!  They are available in the post below.

Click  HERE  to download

Fan Freebie --

We've been expeiencing high temperatures and little rain this summer.  I can't even imagine how much water I've been spraying on all of my flower beds.  At the end of the day, it's wonderful to  put my feet up in a lounge chair in the backyard to admire the flowers and watch the birds until the sun goes down.

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The Boo Update --

Boo doesn't care much for 80+ degree weather even with the air conditioning on.  He much prefers the 70's with the windows open.  Nothing spoiled about him!!  

Meet me back here August 1st !!

June 8, 2023

Missing Fan Freebie Papers

 Oops!!  This is what happens when I have too many irons in the fire!  I fondly call it the "Month of May".  Yes, indeed, I forgot to add the papers to the June Fan Freebie kit in the next post down.  You can download them  HERE