July 31, 2018

August Pixel Scrapper Blog Train and Fan Freebie

It's always fun to do artwork for kids.  Thanks to digital photography, I probably have more photos of my grandkids than what I ever had of my own children.  I can't even begin to imagine how much I spent on film and developing back then, and all too often getting photos back that were less than perfect.  I remember one time getting a full pack of photos back covered with white spots because they didn't clean up their printers.  Geez!  Fortunately, I could always get a refund on bad photos.  That's fine and good except there is no way I could ever have a photo of that special moment again.  Like I said -- I love my digital cameras!

The Alpha kit includes small and capital letters and literary symbols in 6 different colors.  Adding captions to your pages adds that little extra, especially when that photo is screaming that it has something to say!

Kids Ahead Blog Train Freebie

Sorry...this download has expired.

You can find the rest of the blog train  HERE

I also have a new Fan Freebie -- frames, borders and graffiti that matches "Kids Ahead".   Creating pages with these kits is almost as much fun as finger painting!  Enjoy!

August Fan Freebie
Sorry...this download has expired.

Just a note about Freebies --

I keep all Blog Train and Fan Freebies available for the entire month that they are introduced and published on my blog.  Some remain available beyond that.  And, some don't.  It all comes down to server space.  My painting store takes first priority because, quite honestly, it pays the bills.  So, be sure to pick up freebies sometime during the month because I can't guarantee they'll be there when the month is over.