February 28, 2022

March Blog Train and Fan Freebie

 A full month later and we're still experiencing up and down weather.  One day it's in the mid to high 40s, the next day it's 5 with the wind chill factor reading 7 to 15 below.  Cynthia asked me last month how we keep the horses warm in weather like this.  We don't.  They keep us warm.  If you stick your hand under their manes, it's as toasty as sitting next to a fireplace.  Horses can handle winter better than people.  I can always tell what kind of winter it's going to be by how soon they start growing their winter hair.  Yes, horses have hair, not fur.  When winter finally hits, they are all so hairy, they look like wooly mammoths :)  They can survive quite well in temperatures as low as minus-40 or 50 if they can get out of the wind.  So, the horses have shelters they can go into if need be for this purpose.  If you bring them into a closed up barn, for example, they could develop pneumonia.  So we have the shelters, and let them decide when and if they want or need it.  They are amazing animals.

Onto the Blog Train --I love the colors for this month's blog train.  It reminded me of the colors at sunset at Casa Corcovado.  The only thing missing in this kit is the Howler Monkeys swinging through the canopy at 3 am every morning!

Click  HERE  to download

Fan Freebie --

Here are some colorful grafitti to enhance your layouts using the kit above :)

Click  HERE  to download

The Boo Update --

Oh that Boo!  When my kids were little, they would be off playing, having a wonderful time, until...the phone rang.  Then they would surround me, asking me questions, wanting this or wanting that, and definitely unable to wait until my phone conversation was finished.  Boo pretty much does the same thing.  In this picture, he was hanging onto my slipper and I was just pushing him to the left with my foot and he kept hanging on when I pulled him to the right.  I suppose being a cat, he thought this was great fun.  Just like a kid in furry clothes.  When I hung up, he went off to do his own thing....just like a kid :) 

See you next month!