June 30, 2019

July PS Blog Train and Fan Freebie

June flew by like it had wings!  Spring roundup went much smoother than usual because of the cooler temperatures.  I think the horses didn't realize it was that time of year again :)  Because of all the rain and (finally) getting warmer weather, all the flower gardens are in beautiful shape and in full bloom.  I started three new gardens with bareroot perennials for less cost and ease of planting.  They, too, are starting to bloom already.

While I worked on "Winter In The Tropics", my only thought was that winter in the tropics had to be better than this spring in Wisconsin.

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train

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Fan Freebie --

Just a few extra pieces and cardstock that match the kit above.  Enjoy!

Fan Freebie by Di Hiller

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The Boo Update --

As you can see, Boo is a blur in each of these photos.  When playing ball on the stair railing, he is in constant motion.  We play this game every day and he loves it.  He can get the first ball from the top of the stairs, but for all the rest, he makes his way down the stairs to knock them off the railing and chase them down the stairs.  If it really picks up speed, he bats them around on the floor before going back up the stairs to get the next ball.  Then, before I go to bed at night, I line up about 15 balls on the railing.  Most mornings, the balls are all on the floor below.

Boo Ball