December 31, 2020

January Pixel Scrapper Blog Train

The downloading problem a few of you were experiencing last month was probably due to the browser you were using.  Google had put the word out that they were dealing with issues for a significant amount of users.  The people who switched from Google to another browser had no problems.  In the future, however, should you have an issue, please hit the "Contact" button above and email me directly.  Trying to communicate through the comments section of this blog or through "Fake-Book" is like talking through two tuna cans tied together with a string.

Happy New Year ???  Maybe.  We'll see.   At the moment, I'm not exactly optimistic.  But, I AM glad it's January.  All the new gardening catalogs come out this month so I can order new plants for spring while watching the snow pile up outside :)  And THAT is the whole idea behind this kit --

Dreaming of Spring

Sorry...this download is no longer available.

Fan Freebie --
I used the same color scheme for this kit to give you some more pieces to play with.

January Blizzard

Sorry...this download is no longer available.

The Boo Update --

Thank goodness Christmas is over!  The way Boo's leg is stretched out over the arm of the chair, he is totally tuckered out from playing with his new toys!  He didn't even wake up when I snapped the picture.  I just shake my head.  By the way, Santa-Claws brought him a "Floppy Fish" :)  He loves it!

Boo Nappin'

Well, come hell or high water . . . 2021 here we come.