February 29, 2024

March 2024 Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Hopping right along . . . an early Happy Easter to all of you!  The bunnies were so excited to be part of this month's blog train.  I originally designed the sitting bunny below as a "shelf-sitter" made from wood.  Sitting on a shelf with his leg hanging down, he's real cute.  For scrapbooking purposes, however, you can set him on top of a frame or a note card, for example.  He'll be pretty happy wherever to sit him :)

Click  HERE  to download

Fan Freebie --

Oh, yes, this is another of my designs for woodcrafting.  The original train was 5 cars long and stretched a good 4 feet and was about 10 inches tall.  It will make a good border on the bottom of your scrapbooking pages.

Click  HERE  to download

The Boo Update --

I couldn't find Boo one afternoon.  He was sleeping in the guest room quiet and cozy.  He pretty much spent the entire afternoon in there.  The next time we have overnight guests, I hope they don't mind sharing the bed with him.  He has pretty much claimed that room as his.