October 31, 2021

November Blog Train and Fan Freebie

I really love the deep, rich tones for this month's blog train.  Now, I realize that Thanksgiving isn't a world-wide holiday, but it's one of our favorite days for family, friends and food.  And, it means a 4-day weekend, too!

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Fan Freebie --

Hope you all have a wonderful Fall :)  Take lots of pictures and spend your free time happily scrapping!   

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The Boo Update --

"But, I don't want to come upstairs.  Instead, let's play Chase....you're it..."

How...and I sincerely mean this...HOW did Boo know he had a veterinary appointment???  Needless to say, we were a bit late.  BUT...he gave the vet and her assistant a merry chase around the examining room when they were finished with him and needed to get him back in his carrier.  I  think Boo thought it was great fun!  

Boo just celebrated his 3rd birthday.  We got him a remote controlled mouse to chase around the house.  It's a riot watching him tear after that thing !!  It's like watching a "Tom & Jerry" cartoon....hahahaa!!  He loves it.

Happy Thanksgiving!   See ya next month!