December 31, 2018

January 2019 . . . Happy New Year!

Of course I'm starting the year off with a new picture of  Boo!  In three months' time, he has grown from .5 ounce to 4.2 pounds.  I thought he would stay black, but he's developing some stripes on his tail now and has two tiny splotches of white fur behind each ear.  He's going to be a very unusual looking cat as he grows.

December 2018 Boo

January Pixel Scrapper Blog Train . . . "Science Fiction"

I'm not overly crazy about Sci-Fi, but I do love robots.  This is the robot I built and programmed a couple years ago.  My two grandsons think their Grandma is pretty cool!  This guy is only a foot and half tall and is quite entertaining, but I'm thinking a bigger one would be great to send out on cold winter days to feed the horses!

Jarvis 1

And, these are the robots I built for you --  Enjoy!

January Pixel Scrapper Blog Train

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For the Fan Freebie, I thought you would enjoy some corresponding graffiti to really make your pages pop!

January Fan Freebie

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You can find the remainder of the Blog Train  HERE