November 30, 2023

December 2023 Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Oh boy!  It's almost Christmas . . . again!  Take lots of pictures to scrap and preserve your memories.  Time keeps moving forward even when you wish it would just slow down for certain times throughout the year.  Pictures help not just to document the moment, but gives you something to savor and enjoy months, sometimes years, down the road.

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Fan Freebie --

These truly are some of my favorite things.  I love snow for Christmas (but wish it would melt the first of the year), lights and ornaments, gingerbread (or any decorated Christmas cookie actually), fresh cut pine trees with homemade ornaments, and Elves.  I can take or leave Santa, but I definitely need Elves.  It's those added simple things that make any holiday special.  Come to think of it, I wish someone would give me an elf or two for Christmas to help me clean up after the holiday is over :)

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The Boo Update --

Boo's most favorite part of Christmas is the tree.  He'll spend time napping under it from the first day we put it up, while I'm decorating it and everyday thereafter until the day we take it down.  He tends to leave the decorations alone unless they jingle and then it's fair game.  And once in a while if he spots something "interesting" up higher, well....those branches coming out of the trunk are the perfect ladder to climb up to get a closer look.  

Merry Christmas Everyone!!