January 31, 2024

February 2024 Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Wisconsin is a state of extremes.  While I was working with these beautiful spring colors just a few weeks ago, it was snowing and blowing outside.  We ended up with about 24 inches of snow in two days, the snow drifts were much taller.  And then the temperature dropped well below zero for another week.  With the wind chill, it felt even colder.  Because of my horses, I had to be out in it.  My arctic gear helped, but I didn't spend any more time out there than I had to. And now, just two weeks later, it's in the high 30's and everything is melting. In Wisconsin, we call that a "Heat Wave"!!  It feels more like spring than it does winter.  Works for me!  But, it is February 1st.  All this can change like the flick of a light switch.  As I'm writing this, I think I should have called this kit "Cold Fingers, Warm Hearts" !    

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Fan Freebie --

I used the same colors as the blog train, but added two of my little ducks into the mix.  Easter is just around the corner afterall.  We won't see Daffodils and Hyacinthe for quite some time yet, but they look so pretty with the ducks :) 

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The Boo Update --

This picture was taken last month.  I think Boo was bored so he just plopped himself on my recipe book and watched me press cookies on the baking sheet.  My grandson told me that his Mom would never let their cat on the kitchen counter.  I turned around and said to him "he's not on the counter, he's holding my recipe book open for me.  That's how smart he is."  

Meet me back here in March!