July 31, 2021

August Blog Train and Fan Freebie

 Can you believe it's August already?  This has been one busy summer.  I got my chair reupholstered.  About the time I got the chair taken apart, major apprehension set in.  When I was young, our neighbors, Ed and Elvera, reupholstered furniture to supplement their retirement.  I must have paid attention because as soon as I started thinking about them, it all started falling into place.  I sanded all the wood down and painted it a dark Charcoal Grey.  Looks great in our entry way!

This month's blog train colors were fun to work with.  I tried to put in elements that you could use for any occasion that you might be celebrating -- birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings for no reason in particular...

Sorry...this download is no longer available.

Fan Freebie --

I love our two oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.  I lived in California for several years and spent a lot of time walking the beaches. Vacations in Florida have been great.  But, I'm a Midwest girl.  I need lots of space where animals outnumber people, rain storms that come out of nowhere and snow in the winter (even though I complain about it every year).  This month's Fan Freebie features the "Tropical Fish" I designed years ago for a painting pattern project.  

Sorry...this download is no longer available.

The Boo Update --

Drink water from a cat bowl?  Surely you jest!  Boo has always preferred to drink water direct from the kitchen faucet and from a coffee cup setting on the bathroom counter.  The Kitty Water Fountain was a good solution to make sure he's getting enough fresh water.  It has a filter and a calcium tab, AND...if he's not drinking water, it's so much fun to just watch the water bubble up non-stop :) 

See you next month!