October 31, 2020

November Pixel Scrapper Blog Train

In a few short weeks, there will be a turkey roasting, every burner on the stove in use and pies cooling on the counter.  Thanksgiving Day in the US is a celebration of food, family, friends, and all that is good in our lives.  My son and his family won't be able to join us this year because of Covid.  But, eventually, this too shall pass and some sort of "normal" will be back again.  In spite of this being the year from hell, I remain optimistic and thankful just the same.  

The two Pilgrims in this set are part of my decorative painting design line.  If you've ever had a notion to learn how to paint, I invite you to check out my collection of painting patterns at www.hillerproductions.com 

Sorry...this download is no longer available.

Fan Freebie --

This month's Fan Freebie is sweet and simple -- a border, corner pieces, a scatter and 4 color coordinated papers.  Believe it or not, these elements are actually cookies.  Using Wilton's sugar cookie recipe, royal icing and enough time to just "putter" in the kitchen on a rainy day, extraordinary things can happen...and they taste pretty good, too!

Sorry...this download is no longer available.

The Boo Update --

There is no life without coffee.  Boo knows me so well!  He waits patiently for me to down my second cup so he can have breakfast.  Be patient, Boo...one more cup and I'll be on my feet :)  He looks like he could use a cup, too!

See ya next month!