September 30, 2020

October Pixel Scrapper Blog Train

Our non-stop heat has finally stopped.  October is here in all of its colorful glory and a definite "bewitching" temperature drop.  Last week, I was wearing sleeveless tops as I headed out to the stables each morning to take care of my horses.  This week?  I'm back to long-sleeved fleece and a jacket to boot.  We'll probably get an "Indian Summer" in here yet before these colorful leaves go flying in the breeze and any moisture from the sky comes down as snow.  We can only hope :)

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Fan Freebie --

Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday.  It's just fun.  The kids love dressing up in costumes of their choice, Trick or Treating, picking out pumpkins and creating Jack O Lanterns.  Of course, we raised our children in small towns where everyone was on the same page, keeping it fun.  Every year, my grandchildren spend an afternoon here decorating pumpkin cookies with candy eyes and noses, and candy corn mouths.  And then we get to eat them!   

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The Boo Update --

Boo will be 2 years old already in just a couple weeks.  Party hats are always fun :)  He's watching TV with me from the top perch of his tree house.  Although...he pays more attention to commercials selling cat food :)