August 31, 2019

September Pixel Scrapper Blog Train and Fan Freebie

The entire month of August just flew by in a flurry of activity.  It won't slow down now until the snow starts falling.  What a dreadful thought!

We used to always go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this time of year.  The minute you walk through the gates, you're transported back in time.  Fun shows, good food and all the little shops with handcrafted pottery, leatherwork, jewelry and delightful trinkets makes for an enjoyable day.

Renaissance Faire Blog Train

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Fan Freebie

My grandchildren are all heading back to school soon, so I thought it would be fun to do a "Back To School" kit this month.  The window of the bus is the frame.  As an example, that's my oldest grandson looking happy to go back to school.  Actually, that picture was taken on the LAST day of school last year.  No wonder he's so happy :)  I included the numbered grades (K thru 6th) to layer over the grill of the bus.  You can use the alphabet and numbers to add any additional text to your layout.

Back To School Fan Freebie

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The Boo Update

Boo had a bad day.  Although we weren't having any issues, I thought it was a good time to have him "fixed".  The drugs they use during surgery can make cats from sleepy-disoriented all the way up to hyperactive for a couple days.  Boo fell somewhere in the middle.  He didn't sleep and just kept moving around from one spot to another the first day.  Poor kitty.  The one new activity he added is swishing his paws in his water dish and watching the water splash all over.  His eyes remained very dilated on the first day, so I was thinking maybe he needed his paw to find out where the water was.  Nope.  I'm cleaning up puddles of water by his dishes 3 or 4 times a day now.  Are we having fun yet?

Boo's Bad Day

Happy Fall to all!  See ya next month!