May 31, 2020

June 2020 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Short winter, long spring, but summer is finally here.  The house got painted in March.  My flower gardens got new perennials in April and the older plants are already blooming.  I expanded the strawberry patch with a new type of berry and they're already growing.  The garden is planted and growing very nicely with the rain and warm temperatures.  Spring round-up went off without a hitch.  I moved two herds of horses together onto one big pasture.  They tend to stick with their own stable pals, and the two "alphas" (herd leaders) try to torment each other once in a while.  But, for the most part, they're more interested in munching on that wonderful long green grass.  So, this summer is going to be less work and more play.  Oh!  And I have two new litters of kittens in the stable.  Cute, cute, cute!  Life is good.

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Fan Freebie

I had so much fun with this theme and the wonderful palette, I carried it over into the Fan Freebie as well.  Enjoy!

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The Boo Update --

Boo got a new toy!  We were picking up wood at Menard's for a project I'm working on and just happened to walk past their pet department.  The ball stays in the trough and just goes around in a circle when Boo bats it with his paw.  Sounds too simple to be entertaining, right?  He loves it!

See ya next month!