August 31, 2022

September 2022 Blog Train and Fan Freebie

August flew by way too quick, and here it is September already.  I've had such a great summer working with my horses and other animals, gardening, and just enjoying sunny, warm days outside.  Since time stops for no one, however, I guess we might as well embrace fall, too :)  Now, I'm voting for a longer fall and an early spring.  We'll see.

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Fan Freebie --

Here are a handful of graffiti stamps to enhance your layouts.  Have fun!

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The Boo Update --

Boo likes his meals ON TIME.  Around 11:30 each morning, he tends to hang around the kitchen waiting for L-U-N-C-H.  I can't say the word out loud, because he KNOWS that word when it's said.  I'm also beginning to think he can read a digital clock.  That said, this is how I found him when I came in from the stables LATE, as in 15 minutes late.  He wouldn't let me into the kitchen.  He was like "if you want coffee, you feed me lunch first!"  He won.  I fed him lunch just so I could get a coffee refill. 

Until Next Month . . .