February 28, 2019

March Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Outside my window, it's white.  Yesterday, it was called "White Out"!  The wind was blowing so hard I actually had to stop and lean into the wind to keep from getting blown backwards.  Not the nicest day to be out and about, but my horses needed to be fed.  So...working with the colors for this month's blog train was so much fun!  Bright...cheerful...and so unwhite!

March Pixel Scrapper Blog Train
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Click  HERE  to see the rest of the train.

My Fan Freebie this month is a matching Alpha -- caps and small letters.  Enjoy!

March Fan Freebie
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The "Boo" Update

I cooked dinner, so the boys are doing the dishes :)   Not yet 6 months old, Boo loves watching the dishes being rinsed off and is really interested in watching water go down the drain.  He's so funny!   For the lady who suggested in last month's comments that Boo may be part Maine Coon -- I do believe you may be right. The ears are a dead give away and he's big for his age.  He still has 6 to 12 months of growing to do.  Yikes!  And to think that when I first found him, he could curl up in just one of my hands!

Boo helping with dishes