June 30, 2020

July 2020 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train

Starting this month, you're in for something a little bit different.  We're all still using the same color palette, BUT we are doing whatever theme we want.  Marisa gives us suggestions, of course, but we're free to whistle to our own tune.  I feel like one of our ponies when someone left the gate open :)  This kit is a mixture of spending time on the North Shore in Minnesota and the years we lived in California.  Sort of the best of both worlds.

North Shore
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Fan Freebie

Since I'm kind of pressed for time, here are some watercolor papers to go with the Blog Train kit above.

North Shore Watercolor Papers
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The Boo Update

Boo quit laying on the dining room table as soon as we removed the plastic drop cloth when we were painting that room back in March, but he has now moved over to the buffet.  Poor kitty will be moved from that spot also very shortly because I am planning on painting it sometime this summer.  He's kind of funny in that he doesn't have one favorite spot to snooze.  There have been times that I've walked through the Livingroom and found him sound asleep right in the middle of the room.  And he doesn't curl up into a ball like "normal" cats :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful summer.  See ya next month with something new!