May 31, 2019

June PS Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Hello June!  Didn't think you'd ever get here!  May was an absolute bear.  I found out a couple weeks ago that my black stallion, Chance, will be leaving us soon.  I've had him since his birth and it makes me realize just how fast the past 30 years have flown by.  Sometimes life bites.

I'm not usually so forthcoming with my life, but I think it's this month's theme "Storytelling".  Everyone has a story to tell....some of us have a whole lot of stories!  So, I've made this kit kind of generic to help you tell your story.  Whether it's a single event or to use the pieces in a journal to document your day-to-day life.  You're sure to find pieces that will be just perfect.  Or, around here, we say "Purr-fect"!

"Storytelling" PS Blog Train by Di Hiller
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Fan Freebie -- 

This month, I made an Alpha set that matches the blog train kit.  Enjoy!

June Fan Freebie
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Boo Update --

My "little" Boo just keeps growing.  He's 8 months old now and his body is about 16" long.  His incredible tail is almost 14" long.  He has lost the white fluff behind his ears, but still has the white hairs coming from his ears.  The raccoon stripes on his tail aren't as prominent as they were just a few months ago unless it catches the light just right.   At 11 lbs., he is an armful! 

Boo May 24 2019

Time Out!  I keep telling Boo that no one catches the red dot (lazer pointer), but he keeps trying until he just can't any longer :)  He is definitely the most fun cat I've ever had.

Boo Don't Stop Til You Drop

April 30, 2019

May Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Just last week on Easter Sunday, it was 82 degrees out with the sun shining and just enough of a breeze to keep it from getting too hot.  A week later, we had a snow storm and 34 degrees.  I guess spring cleaning has been cancelled this year.  Or, at the very least, postponed.

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train by Di Hiller

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Below is this month's Fan Freebie.  Enjoy!

May Fan Freebie by Di Hiller

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The "Boo" Update

Poor Boo.  This picture was taken on Sunday.  Yesterday he was watching birds on the deck.  And today...just snow.  He would much rather be watching the birds.  So would I.

Boo during snow storm

March 31, 2019

April Blog Train and Fan Freebie

The snow has melted and the robins are back.  It's a good day.  Now if we can get a little rain to wash away the grunge of winter and get things growing again, I'll be a happy camper.

April Pixel Scrapper Blog Train
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My Fan Freebie this month is called "After The Storm".   I ordered my new perennials back in February and they will be delivered toward the end of April.  I can hardly wait to start planting!  The colors in this kit will also match "Umbrella Weather" above.  Have fun scrapping on those rainy days!

April Fan Freebie by Di Hiller
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"The Boo Update"

My husband built a tree house for Boo in December.  It has multiple levels to keep him entertained.  The house has two doorways and is Boo's favorite place for afternoon naps.  When he was little, he'd run in one door opening and out the other.  Now, well...he can use both at the same time!

Snoozin' Boo

February 28, 2019

March Blog Train and Fan Freebie

Outside my window, it's white.  Yesterday, it was called "White Out"!  The wind was blowing so hard I actually had to stop and lean into the wind to keep from getting blown backwards.  Not the nicest day to be out and about, but my horses needed to be fed.  So...working with the colors for this month's blog train was so much fun!  Bright...cheerful...and so unwhite!

March Pixel Scrapper Blog Train
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My Fan Freebie this month is a matching Alpha -- caps and small letters.  Enjoy!

March Fan Freebie
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The "Boo" Update

I cooked dinner, so the boys are doing the dishes :)   Not yet 6 months old, Boo loves watching the dishes being rinsed off and is really interested in watching water go down the drain.  He's so funny!   For the lady who suggested in last month's comments that Boo may be part Maine Coon -- I do believe you may be right. The ears are a dead give away and he's big for his age.  He still has 6 to 12 months of growing to do.  Yikes!  And to think that when I first found him, he could curl up in just one of my hands!

Boo helping with dishes

January 31, 2019

February Blog Train and Fan Freebie I write this, we have survived the Polar Vortex that hit us this past week.  With the wind blowing yesterday, it was 40 below zero, but with the wind chill factor, it was 54 below zero.  I moved all of our horses into the barn Monday night getting ready for the "Big Freeze".  This was for me as much as it was for them.  Feeding them would be easier and faster for me, and I have one horse who gets meds twice a day for the next week and a half, so I surely didn't want to be outside in his corral to do this!  They sensed that something "bad" was coming and came in without much hesitation.  It was like Noah's Ark.  I think the barn cats liked the extra body heat, too!  If you've never been in this cold of weather, take an ice cube and squeeze it as hard as you can for as long as you can -- that's below zero weather.  Love my arctic gear!

The blog train this month is "Walk on the Wild Side".

February Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Freebie

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 My FAN FREEBIE this month was with Valentine's Day in mind.  These colors are on the color palette, so you should be able to use them with other kits you pick up for the blog train.  Enjoy!

February Fan Freebie

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Oh, I didn't forget about the "Boo Update"!  I just took this photo yesterday.  I can't believe how fast he has grown!  He's almost 8 lbs. now at 4 months old.  With that raccoon tail and white hair growing from his ears, he is a very unusual looking kitty.  He's made quite an impression on friends and family though.  The first thing they say after their initial greeting  is "where's Boo?".  

If the weather is a bit chilly where you live,  take heart -- we're one month closer to Spring!
Happy Scrapping!